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A sewer camera inspection will help to keep the sewer line of your property in a perfect and flawless condition. It hardly matters whether it is a residential or a commercial property, this type of camera inspection will aid the property owners to identify any issue beforehand and thus maintain its functionality in an effectual manner.

What exactly is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

It is the process of inspecting the sewer line of any property and for this, a video camera has to be inserted within the sewer pipe on most occasions. This will help to identify any prospective issues with the help of a high-resolution video cam. Amongst the issues which can be identified mention may be made of breaks, cracks, leakages, as well as blockages, including roots too.

Sewer Camera Inspection by Raptor Plumbing, LLC Las Vegas, Nevada

What kind of camera is employed for inspection?

A specific type of camera will be employed for inspecting the sewer lines and this camera is known as a sewer pipe camera or a sewer inspection camera. This camera is quite flexible and compact in size and it is built in such a way that it can be easily snaked into sewer pipes and lines so as to enable an ocular inspection of the sewer pipes or lines below residences, roads or establishments. The majority of the sewer inspection cameras are ideal for using for tight drains or large pipes.

The main intention of using the sewer cameras will be to obtain a clear picture of what exactly is within the pipes such that it is feasible for the plumbers to identify any problems. In fact, these types of cameras are quite new in terms of technology and will allow us to identify even the smallest issues with 100% precision.

For this reason, there is no need for the professional sewer repairmen to dig up an entire area which can result in further damages in the long run. These inspection cameras can be used for identifying various issues in the sewer drains as well as pipes. Below, we have mentioned the process in which these cameras are going to work in detail.

How does the sewer camera inspection work?

A high-resolution camera will be attached at the end of a flexible rod so that it is possible to see what exactly is inside the sewer lines and pipes. Following this, an expert will insert the rod together with the sewer camera within the pipes with the purpose of verifying and inspecting the issues.

A flexible rod will allow more enhanced movements with the pipes and lines. This will allow the expert to see every single component of the lines and pipes including the corners as well. This happens to be the most conventional and fundamental process of sewer camera inspection.

However, while dealing with more complex sewer lines and pipes, the camera is going to be connected to a PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) which happens to be a mechanical body having a cylindrical shape and is capable of moving freely through the lines as well as pipes.

Apart from inspection purposes, PIG can likewise be used for maintaining sewer lines and pipes as well. It comes with innovative lighting features which will help in providing a clearer picture of what is present within those pipes. It is feasible to watch these images by means of a screen which is attached to the PIG with the help of a flexible and water-resistant line.

The main purpose of using a sewer pipe inspection camera is to figure out the precise problems in the sewer lines as well as pipes and also what exactly is causing them. Although these inspection cameras are not employed for solving these problems, they are nonetheless vital when it comes to helping the experts in deciding the most effective solution for repairing the damage.

These sewer line inspections are quite simple as well as effectual and happen to be amongst the most convenient methods for figuring out issues in the sewer pipes and lines precisely.

What can be identified?

Although sewer lines are usually concealed within your residence it does not imply that they will not get damaged in any case. In the following paragraphs, we have provided the most common issues that can be identified with the help of a typical sewer line inspection.

Pipe issues

In case there is a possibility for the soil that houses the sewer lines and pipes to shift, the pipes might become vulnerable to cracking, collapsing, or even getting misaligned in the long run.

Broken-off tree roots

In case there are plenty of trees in your locality. It is possible for some of these roots to break off and fall into the sewer line. Once this takes place and no measures are taken to solve this, the tree roots might result in serious damage to the pipelines or the sewer.

Corrosion of the metal pipes

On most occasions, the older pipes and lines are manufactured from materials other than PVC which makes them susceptible to wear and tear over time and this can even lead to a collapse.


Blockage can happen once leaves, grease, and other stuff gets clogged into the sewer lines and pipes making it quite tough for the water to flow smoothly.

Leaking joints

Broken seals in between the pipes can result in leaking joints. On the other hand, bellied pipes can also occur once a portion of the pipe has gone down thus encouraging the gathering of waste as well as other debris.

Who to Call?

Once you are able to get an idea of how the sewer line inspection is going to work, it is perhaps time for you to get in touch with an experienced professional in your area who will be able to fix all the issues that your pipes and sewer lines are suffering from. In case you are a resident of Las Vegas, NV, make it a point to call Raptor Plumbing, LLC which has the experience as well as expertise in delivering the goods for you.

This plumbing company has already satisfied numerous clients over the years and you will also not be an exception to that. However, while calling them do not forget to request a free quote for all the services they offer.

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