Las Vegas Plumbing Services with 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers

Providing  a top notch plumbing services in Las Vegas, NV. Raptor Plumbing, LLC also provide the Las Vegas community with 24hr Emergency Plumbing.  Contact Us Day or Night.

For any residential and commercial plumbing need. Trust the name that local Las Vegas residents have respected for many years. Raptor Plumbing has by far the most experienced and reliable plumbers Las Vegas has had in years.

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24 Hour On Call Plumbers

24 hour emergency plumbing service near me

Las Vegas Emergency Plumbing

Las Vegas Emergency Plumbing

Raptor Plumbing are always ready 24/7, 365 day a year

Our team of professionals repair and install plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties – whether you need us to unclog a drain, replace a furnace or boiler, install new faucets as part of a bathroom remodel, or help you create healthier water in your home or business, we have the right plumbers Las Vegas has and we are here to help.

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Water Softner Install

Have you noticed a difference in the quality of the water being used. This is a sign for replacement.

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Water Heater

Is your water heater 8 to 12 years. We  install all sizes for residential and commercial, from electrical to gas.

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Sewer Camera

Need to know where the problem lies within the line. Save time and money by pinpointing the problem.

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24 Hr Emergency Plumbing

Have an emergency with your plumbing. Contact your local Las Vegas plumber for speedy service.

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Reverse Osmosis

Is reverse osmosis drinking water right for your home? Click here to see if R.O. systems are right for you.

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Drain and Sewer

Do you have a broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe? There is many reasons why this happened.

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New Construction

For general contractors and new home owners, contact us today for a bid.

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Contact Our Team

Our team at Raptor Plumbing are available to answer any plumbing questions you may have.

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Las Vegas Plumbing Services solutions through Raptor Plumbing, LLC:

We as a company are devoted and technically benefit people who can take care of all the plumbing problems. Our dedicated team of professionals is set to bring a wave of change in repair and installation of plumbing systems that are required for both commercial and residential purposes. We are right there with you helping in solving all your plumbing needs.

Whether the requirement is to unclogging plumbing vents, changing your boiler or furnace or the installation of any Residential/Commerical Plumbing. You name it we make it possible. We, along with our experience help you to create your home and workplace happier and healthier. Along with a network of trusted partners, we offer services like:

Everything You Must Know About Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection will help to keep the sewer line of your property in a perfect and flawless condition. It hardly matters whether it is a residential or a commercial property, this type of camera inspection will aid the property owners to identify any issue...

How to Handle A Plumbing Emergency In Your Home

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time and you must be prepared to face them immediately. To minimize loss and disruption of daily life. Flooding can occur due to a variety of reasons and most important among them are through natural disasters or extremely bad...

How to Replace the Garbage Disposal Blades

How to replace the Garbage Disposal Blades A garbage disposal system is one of the time savers for you, as it helps you in cleaning up your kitchen waste and sends them down your drain pipe. It sits beneath your sink and grinds all the wastes you our into the drain...

What to expect with Noisy Pipes

Noisy pipes? You are more than likely a victim of simple expansion and contraction The ticking, clicking and cracking noises are a byproduct of the plastic drain lines that are rubbing against the wood framing members of your home. These pipes grow in size as they...

Additional Plumbing Services Las Vegas


  1. Installation of water softener: the work of the water softeners is absolutely important as it helps in removing magnesium and calcium from the water. Unlike, any other appliances it will go through a breakdown and it is where we intervene to test the old water softener and provide you with the consultation of a new softener.
  2. Geysers or water heater: many factors are responsible for the breakage of your water heater. Whatever the cause may be, we offer a technical solution for fixing it appropriately or replacing it properly.
  3. Installation of the sewer camera: installation of the cameras will give a proper inspection regarding the cause of the blockage and leaks. So installing these cameras with our help for your help!
  4. Our other services include checking of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers for the contamination or any other pressing problems regarding it.
  5. Clogged drains and the sewer lines are a huge problem. However, we have a dedicated team of technicians that will take care of the problems along with their right tools and help you be in a clean and healthier home. We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing services all year round. So, if you want assistance ASAP! Then feel free to check our emergency page before our plumber arrives to assist you.
Raptor Plumbing | Las Vegas | Emergency Plumbing Service

24Hr Emergency Plumbing Service

Are you experiencing any type emergency plumbing throughout your household? Contact us right away, we have 24hr plumbers on standby and here to serve our local Las Vegas residents and surrounding cities.

Raptor Plumbing of Las Vegas has the right commercial cleaning supplies that will take care of any type of plumbing emergencies that you might face.

In the meantime, go to our 24 hour emergency plumbing service page for DIY tips in case of any king of plumbing situation in your home.

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