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Raptor Plumbing is your local Emergency Commercial Plumbing Contractor in Las Vegas, NV. We are available 365 days a year with our staff on standby.

Contact us right away. Below you will find some DIY emergency plumbing tips to assist you while our experienced EMERGENCY plumber is on their way.

Flooding In The Home

First thing to do is to find the homes main shut off valve. The shut off valve could be neat the water meter or in the garage.

With all plumbing emergencies, knowing where the main valve is important but not always necessary to shut off.

If you don’t know where the water is coming from right away, then proceed to the main valve to shut off.

Clogged and Overflowing Toilet

You know that the toilet is clogged and the water is rising to rim of the toilet. You can turn on the cold water to the sink and bath tub to slow down the water supply to the toilet.

Next, behind the toilet near the floor you will see the water supply valve to the toilet.

Turn the knob or valve clockwise to turn off the water. Now you can work on unclogging the toilet and avoid any more spillage.

Water Heater

If you see the water in the drip pan or spraying from a line. Immediately shut off the valve that is near the supply side of the leak. Most likely you will see a valve above or next to the water heater. Most cases this handle will be red. 

Turn the lever clockwise 90 degrees to shut off. 

Broken Pipe

There is a broken pipe that has burst in your home. The pipe might be visible or in the wall. 

First thing to do is shut off the main water valve and turn on the faucet throughout the home to drain the water. 

Once you have done this, next step is to locate the leak. 

Call Raptor Plumbing right away for speedy service to fix the broken pipe. 

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