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How to replace the Garbage Disposal Blades

A garbage disposal system is one of the time savers for you, as it helps you in cleaning up your kitchen waste and sends them down your drain pipe. It sits beneath your sink and grinds all the wastes you our into the drain pipe and sends them out in an easy manner. When the garbage disposal is making too much noise than usual or sounds as if it is going to come apart, it is time to replace garbage disposal blades. It is an easy job for those who have some technical knowledge and have the sufficient time and interest to do by themselves.

The present day Garbage disposals come with impellers with blunt blades that grind the garbage into the drain pipe. Regular maintenance and will increase the life of your garbage disposal, and you need to replace garbage disposal blades  once in a while and it can be done by you or it is better to do the same by a professional plumber so that your garbage disposal works as new after the change of blade.

How to replace garbage disposal blades.

Steps on how to replace a garbage disposal blades

It is easy to replace garbage disposal blades and they have to be changed when they become loose and make abnormal noise during operation.

When your garbage disposal is old and has give service for long period it is subjected to wear and tear and it may not be able to do good grinding of your garbage and may be sending them in half- ground format into the drain pipe.  

Here let us see how to replace garbage disposal blades:

Step 1 : Disconnect the power supply to the garbage disposal

Usually it will be powered through an electrical wall socket located below the sink. Unplug the wire and check if there is power. Also, there is a switch in the control panel that should be labeled for the area of the home. Test this before starting the work. 

Disconnecting the power to the garbage disposal.

Step 2 : Position a vessel to collect the water dripping from the garbage disposal while you are working

When you have to replace the garbage disposal blades you have to remove it  altogether from its present position and while doing so some amount of water will drip out of the unit. Place a large vessel like a bucket below your sink

Position your garbage disposal for any leakage.

Step 3 : Remove the drain pipe

 loosen the screws on the side that are holding the drain pipe to the garbage disposal and  then take off the unit itself handling it carefully as it has considerable weight and if you drop it on your legs there is a chance of getting injury or damage to the kitchen floor.

Remove drain pipe when disconnecting the garbage disposal.

Step 4 : Remove and replace garbage disposal blades

once you have taken out the unit, now you have to carefully remove the old worn out blades and replace the new blades exactly in the place of old blades. If you find that the bolts that are holding the blades are also worn out or damaged you can change the new ones along with the blade.

Ensure that the blades are in the same position as the old ones are, and the alignment of the blades and their position relative to the body of the impeller on which they are fitted is very important while fixing the new blades. The normal functioning of the garbage disposal is possible only when the blades are fixed in the right angle and do not rub the surface of the unit’s body.

Removed and now replacing the garbage disposal blades.

Step 5: Check the joint during the process to replace garbage disposal blades

After the blades are replaced wash out the inside of the unit and see if there is any damage to the surface or there is any crack is appearing on the surface of the body of the unit. Pay close attention to the  joints and if necessary you have to replace the water proof sealing in the unit so that there is no leakage of water when you are operating the garbage disposal. Examine the condition of the drain pipe’s coupler and see if it is in good condition and if it appears to be damaged you need to replace that also

Securing the position of the garbage disposal for proper installment.
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Once you have done all these garbage disposal unit is ready for reassembling and all you have to do is to follow the above steps from reverse. During each stage ensure that you have fastened the screws and bolts in the right way so that your garbage disposal unit functions normally after your replace garbage disposal blades.


Though you can do the replacement of the blades in your garbage disposal unit, it is better to entrust this work to a professional plumber as it will avoid a lot of problems you and your family has to face due to improper functioning of your garbage disposal. When you call in a plumber to do the job, you can be sure that the blades your  plumber replaces on your garbage disposal are the blades meant for your brand and model of the garbage disposal unit. They can align the blades in the right angles and see that the impeller is perfectly balanced during operation for trouble free service.


When you call your plumber he will come with all the necessary tools to replace garbage disposal blades and you need not go searching for the tools needed to complete the job. The experience and knowledge of your Plumber will help him find the right blades for your unit and he will be installing them in the right ways. Moreover he will be  following the manufacturer’s recommendation and he can give a guarantee for the blades.


Due to this it is always better not to replace garbage disposal blades by yourself and instead call a professional plumber who can complete this job in a hassle- free manner and the small amount you will be paying him will be worth spending. Your garbage disposal unit will be ready to give years of trouble free service.