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Water Heater Replacement

Get Your Water Heater Replacement Done in Las Vegas

Are you looking to upgrade your water heater with a modern system installation? Replacing your water heater can improve efficiency, save energy and money, while also providing hot water when you need it. Learn more about the many benefits of a water heater replacement today.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings.

Installing a new water heater can be a cost-effective way to save energy and money. Newer water heaters are more efficient than their older counterparts, so they use less energy while still providing the same amounts of hot water. This can lead to higher savings in the long term, as you’ll have lower utility bills each month. In addition, there are several tax credit options available for those who install ENERGY STAR certified models.

An Extended Lifespan for Your System.

Replacing your water heater with a new system means enjoying many years of reliable operation. Modern water heaters are designed for an extended lifespan, so you can enjoy hassle-free performance for years to come. Plus, when you purchase and install a new water heater yourself, you can take advantage of manufacturer warranties that keep your investment safe in the event of any unexpected problems.

Improved Indoor Air Quality and Reduced Allergen Levels.

A new water heater can help improve the air quality of your home. Because newer systems are more efficient, they generate less excess heat and moisture, which helps to reduce mold growth that can worsen allergies and asthma symptoms. An energy-efficient water heater replacement will regulate humidity levels in the air, keeping them from becoming too high or too low. This can help create a more comfortable environment for you and your family.

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Pre-Installation Assessment to Ensure Proper Fitment of Your Replacement.

When having a new water heater installed, it is important to have a professional review your existing system and perform a pre-installation assessment. This allows them to ensure that the replacement water heater is properly connected and sized for your home’s hot water needs. If the unit isn’t sized correctly, it could result in inadequate hot water supply or inefficient energy use.

Professional Installation Services Available from Trusted Contractors in Your Area.

When selecting a water heater replacement service, you want to make sure that the contractors are experienced and trusted. Professional installation will ensure that your new water heater is properly sized and connected, so it can deliver the energy savings and comfort you deserve. Look for contractors with experience in installing energy-efficient systems and ask for references from past customers to get an idea of the quality of their work.


Are you looking to replace your water heater? Replacing a water heater can be costly and can involve choosing the right contractor. To make the process easier, here are some frequently asked questions about hot water heater replacement that may help you along the way.

Q. How long can I expect my water heater to last?

Water heaters typically last 8 to 15 years for tank-style units and up to 20 years for tankless units. To get the longest life out of your water heater, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance and replace the anode rod — which prevents corrosion — every 5 years or so. If your water heater isn’t lasting as long as it should, then you may need to consider a full replacement.

Q. Do I have to hire a professional to install a water heater?

Replacing a water heater can be a complex task and should ideally be undertaken by a professional. A professional will have access to the right tools, expertise and knowledge on current building codes that could cause issues if not followed properly. Additionally they will have the safety measures in place to work on gas lines or electrical wiring which can carry significant risks if DIY-ed.

Q. How long does it take to install a new water heater?

Replacing an old water heater with a new one can take anywhere from two to three hours. The job will take longer if the existing heater has a tank and is being swapped out for a tankless model.

Q. What are some common signs of water heater failure?

Are you hearing a banging or knocking noise from your water heater? Is your hot water leaking, rusty, or gritty? If so, your water heater may be failing and could need to be replaced. Look out for these indications of potential breakdown and consider replacing the unit before it completely fails.