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How long will a Water Heater last?

It’s not necassarily the age of the water heater that you should be concerned about but the declining efficiency.

Replacing your water heater with a new one will help decrease your energy or gas bill with new technology. A water heater should typically last 9 to 12 years as long as you perform regular maintance on it, it should last a good amount of time. some things you can do to prolong your water heater is drain it annually to remove the sediment that can corode your tank. Especially in our city. Raptor Plumbing can help with yearly maintance at an affordable price or if you choose to upgrade your old water heater with new technology please call


I contacted a local plumbing company about getting my master bath fixtures changed, they came back with a quote of $9000. Thinking that was a little too high, I contacted Raptor Plumbing after seeing a billboard. I’m really glad that I did because Raptor did the job with the SAME FIXTURES as the other company for $2,300!
-Linda D, Henderson.
We needed a new water heater and my wife called someone she knew. They quoted her $1620 and said it was their ‘friends and family’ discount. I called Dino at Raptor and they did the job with their flat rate quote for $1095. We have hot water again, it doesn’t matter if I flush the toilet when my wife is in the shower and we saved over $500. Thanks Raptor!
-Mark G, Las Vegas
I called Raptor Plumbing at 9:45 on a Friday night on their 24/7 hotline because I came home to a broken water heater and water pouring out of my garage. By 11pm they had it replaced at their normal fixed rate of around $1,000. What a deal!
-Kathy A, Las Vegas
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