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In a time when the whole world is suffering from the crisis of coronavirus, emergency plumbing issues can be extremely stressful. Plumbing problems do not come with a warning sign. You may notice a sudden problem with the faucets or pipelines of your house. The global pandemic has forced most businesses to stop their service. You may also not find plumbers during pandemic as most plumbing companies are shut down. During this time of crisis, it is important to know some tips that can be helpful during emergency situations. Following are some helpful stay home plumbing tips that you must keep on mind to solve any unforeseeable trouble.

1. Dripping Faucet

One of the most common emergency plumbing problems is a dripping faucet. Imagine trying to sleep at night peacefully and then hear water dripping from the faucet drop by drop. It is both annoying and worrisome. If you are facing a faucet problem, you would have to change its washer.

2. Leaky pipes

If you have noticed that the pipe is leaking from somewhere but cannot locate the exact point, reach out for the main water valve. Make sure to shut off the main valve to avoid the flood-like situation at home. It will help you save water too. Next, find out where water is dribbling out from and cover it with a sealant.

3. Clogged Drain

Another common plumbing issue is clogged drain. As it is difficult to find plumbers during pandemic, you must be careful about clogging the drain in the first place. Make sure to check what is going down the drain especially through the kitchen sink. If you end up clogging the drain, use the right tools along with force to unclog it.

4. Clogged Toilet

One of the worst nightmares that can happen during the time of global crisis is the toilet being clogged. If you have only one toilet in the house, you need to take instant action right away. If you are looking for any company offering 24-hour emergency plumbing services, you can dial us at Raptor Plumbing right away. We will send a contractor right away who would help you come out of the emergency situation.

5. Water Heater Issue

The last one on our list of stay home plumbing tips is related to water heaters. If there is an issue with the water heater, turn off the main switch without any delay. If it is leaking, you must quickly shut off the main valve to stop the water supply. If the problem is minor, you can use a sealing tape to cover up the hole. In order to avoid risk, you should call for plumbers during pandemic.

If you are looking for plumbers during pandemic that offer emergency plumbing service, contact us at Raptor Plumbing. We offer services all over Las Vegas. We will send a plumber right away to help you with your plumbing emergencies.