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Owning a house in Las Vegas is a valuable possession, but this is burdened with lots of commitments and worries. But as you think that you are living in one of the hottest cities in the US, you may not be thinking about how to prevent water pipes from freezing temperatures.

Though this problem may seem unreal, it is a harsh reality that even in Las Vegas you have to take all precautions to prevent damage to the water lines due to the freezing temperatures. 

Normally Las Vegas and surrounding areas have a temperature exceeding 100 deg F during the summer and this hot climate prevails for over 70 days in a year. The average temperature range during the winter months is between 30 to 59 deg F. Due to this the damage to the water lines because of cold weather does not find its rightful place in the minds of the Las Vegas HomeOwners.

Is It Necessary To Worry About The Pipes In Freezing Temperatures?

The answer is Yes. Though you have very hot weather during summer, the temperatures during the winter months may fall below 30 Deg F and this low temperature may continue for longer periods during this season. 

The temperature may fall suddenly and this swift onset of colder climate is not good for your plumbing system. Especially if you are living in the higher areas of the Valley, this problem will be more strong and your outside water pipes are most vulnerable during this part of the year.

To prevent damage to your pipes and to save your property from the effects of the cold weather on the water lines you have to prepare your pipes against colder temperatures well in advance. 

As a property owner, you must be very careful in planning to save your pipes from getting affected by the cold weather and do necessary things to prevent the bursting of pipes due to water freezing inside the pipes.

You must ensure that all the outside piping is well insulated and ensure that no part of your external piping and plumbing system is exposed to the natural elements.

How Water Pipes Get Damaged Due To Water Freezing?

When there is a sudden fall in outside temperature the water inside an uninsulated pipe gets colder and colder and freezes inside the pipe. As the freezing water into ice needs more space the frozen water or ice expands inside the pipe causing the build-up of excess pressure inside the pipe. 

When the pressure increases above the permissible limits the pipe bursts or a joint fails or a plumbing fixture breaks. This leads to uncontrolled flow of water inside your home causing flooding and damage to your properties.

One night of frigid temperature is enough to cause all the damage and it may lead to damages that may run into thousands of dollars. A burst pipe is far more dangerous to your home or office and can become a frustrating source of financial turmoil by causing extensive damage to your property

As per the current standards, the amount of financial devastation that results from water damage due to a frozen pipe may run to anywhere between $5000 to $70,000. The restoration of the water-damaged property is a long, expensive, and labor-intensive task and it can completely drive your routine life out of gear for longer periods.

You must also note that irrespective of the type of home insurance you are having the insurance compensation in case of water damage to the property can come up to a maximum amount of $15,000 only.

Besides financial loss, the water damage also destroys your valued possessions in your homes like expensive furniture, equipment, and appliances, electronic items, electrical circuits, flooring, rugs, carpets, etc

The water damage inside your home also causes dampness, moisture inside the entire building due to seepage of water and may affect the basic structure of your building. 

Apart from this it also leads to the growth of mold, mildew, and other microorganisms that cause long-term health hazards to all those who live in the building.

 Due to all these as a homeowner, you will be burdened with lots of financial liability and long-term bad effects if you fail to take precautions against freezing of water inside your water lines during cold weather.

How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing?

If you are living in the higher elevations in the Las Vegas valley area in a house that is built on Stilts, you are particularly vulnerable to this potential risk. Here are some of the ways that you can employ to prevent frozen pipes in your home or office.

Insulate your Pipes well

Insulation of the pipes is the best way to prevent water freezing in cold weather. It is very effective in preventing cold weather from reaching the insides of the pipes and preventing freezing of water inside them. It is a relatively inexpensive way of protecting your pipes and the materials for insulating your pipes are readily available in your local hardware store. 

Do not hesitate to invest in using insulated pipes, or apply good quality insulation to your existing pipelines. Do not forget that the more insulation you get for your pipes the more protection they get from cold weather. 

So, insulating all your external pipes with good quality insulation material will prevent the bursting of pipes due to cold weather.

Use Heat Tape To The Outside Pipes:

Heat tapes are the next level of protection for your pipes. You can wrap your pipes with heat tape to slow down the freezing process inside the pipes when the freezing has already begun. To get the desired results do not forget that you have to use the right type of heat tape as per the type of pipe you are using.

 If you are unable to decide for yourself you can always take the advice of an experienced, trained plumber. He will help you in selecting the right heat tape and install it the right way to get the best possible protection to your pipes.

Leave your thermostat on when going away:

Do not switch off your thermostat when you are going on a trip to save on your energy bill. This will lead to the freezing of pipes even inside your home.  

So, when you are going away, set your thermostat above 55 degees F so that the inside environment in your home remains warm. A few more dollars on your energy bill will save thousands of dollars you have to spend on water damage.

Keep Some Of Your Faucets To Let A Trickle Of Water :

When the faucet connected to an external pipe is left partially open, the continuous flow of water out of the pipe puts the water into constant motion and prevents freezing inside the pipes. This will help in saving your pipes damaged by cold weather.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance:

It is always a good practice to do scheduled preventive maintenance of your entire plumbing system. When you do it through a trained professional plumber, he will be able to find out the real condition of your plumbing system and suggest and carry out the necessary things to make your pipes withstand cold weather.

These are how you can prevent pipes from bursting in the cold weather, and it is always better to take the help of a professional plumber to implement the above steps and have a worry-free winter in Las Vegas.

We are a team of licensed and trained Plumbers serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas and give us a call to prevent water pipes from freezing temperatures.